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2005 scion tc engine

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here and first time on a forum.
    My question is, I have 2005 scion tc and the engine decided to break a rod cap, what do you guys suggest to do, replace with used engine or go rebuilt. The main reason I'm asking is because i want to turbo it later. If rebuilt who and where would be the best. Asking cause I've only dealt with V8's.Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
    Only the rod cap broke? If the block and head are still in good condition (rod didn’t blow through) I’d rebuild it with forged internals over buying a whole new used stock engine if your looking to boost and daily it. That was my friend’s plan but his engine isn’t gonna give out any time soon and he’s gonna sell his car. It will be around the same price to buy some nice new forges pistons/rods/cams/etc and rebuilding the old engine as it would to buy a used engine. The labor might be a little more but it would be worth it imo
    Thanks for the info.
    4 cylinders are new to me.
    I agree, as long as what you have is in good shape then rebuilding what you have would be the best. You at least know what your engine shape is in, you have no idea what a used engine would be. Plus when you rebuild (if you do) this one, you can specify all the parts and know what went into it.
  • 4 posts
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