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    Well I've read a lot of interesting things in this forum about Tc's and is very informative, I took the decision of join and here I'm.

    I ve a Tc2 2012, that yesterday i just bought the S-tein springs, with the Injen CAI, and also theres a magna flow axle-back coming on his way as well. But the exhaust that I'm thinking of I'm gonna made it in the muffler shop, i haven't decided yet if am going to remove the second CAT and make it 2.25 inch from there all the way to the back or simply go 2.25 cat back with out resonator and the Magnaflow muffler, later on I'm going to think if going to replace the stock header or not but for now probably I'm going to start looking for a good piggyback, if somebody have any suggestion it will be appreciated...

    Use to have a Corolla Xrs back home (PUerto Rico), with almost 190 to the wheel but since I move to the US have to sell it. Got Pics on my FB of that car that i put AEM CAI on it, Shop made Header, No CAT 2.5' exhaust with to resonators, greedy pipe, CAM-CON, Ground KIT with Positive Charge AEM. 17 wheels.

    YOu can look for me on FB by Sammy Ortiz

    Welcome to the club! Looks like you've got things well under way, it would be excellent to take pics of all the things you're doing to your car, it might help other people who are looking for the same mods

    As for a piggy back system, there is no such thing as a good one for our car, it is very well tuned right from the factory. You'll notice that the chips for this car claim wild performance bonuses to increase horsepower, torque, and MPG. This is complete BS if it was possible to gain that much for a relatively low cost (and without adversely affecting the life of the engine), Toyota would have done it
    Welcome to CSTC. I second that notion of not buying a chip or piggy back system. The computers on these cars take live data and adjust the fuel to the ambient temp of the air that is coming into the intake anyways to make for the best possible air/fuel ratio that can be made.
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