Good news boys n girls! I'm currently working with Matt in the R&D dept over at Fidanza to develop a lightweight flywheel for the 2011 to present 6 speed manual trans tC's with the 2.5L engine! Stock flywheel weighs in at 18.3 lbs. The new lightweight billet one should be about 50% lighter than this! I'm a expert Lexus/Toyota/Scion tech and was talking to my FTS (field tech specialist) a couple weeks ago when he stopped by the shop and I was picking his brain a little on what we could do to free up some power on these cars. Besides the obvious header and intake which are the most common mods, he was telling me lightening up the flywheel on this car would free up the most power per dollar! I then went online to a well known company "Fidanza" who has been around for years making lightweight flywheels and noticed the 2011 to present tC's weren't the list. So I emailed them about this and have have been working with them since! Actually bought a brand new flywheel and mailed it to them so they can develop one for our cars!