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Unichip questions...

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    Hey, does anyone have a Unichip?

    I'm currently trying to set it up and have gotten to the point where you have 3 options for fuel (Fuel -, Fuel ~ and Fuel +) and 3 options for timing (Timing -, Timing ~ and Timing +). Can anyone explain these choices and what I should currently go for with a stock set up?

    That's adding or retarding timing and enriching or leaning out fuel. I believe the factory computer resets after a certain amount of time anyway so you may be tuning it multiple times.
    Thanks! So what do I want to go with?
    No one has cracked the encryption on the tC's ecm. Most people just get stand alone ecm or a piggyback system. Chips don't really do anything for our cars. Even bolt ons don't get a big power boost on our cars.
    x2 what spence said.. Over the years many claims have come out about chipping the tC's ecu/ecm. None of them work, it's just a waste of money. Sad, but it's the truth. Don't fall for the wild claims of what these people claim they can do for the tC. No one has really built a standalone ecu or a piggyback system. You could always have a custom ecu created but it'll be more than a couple hundred bucks! Think more like $10-20k, no I'm not joking.

    So save your money and don't waste it on a unichip. The only proven way for more power is really the basics.. Rebuilding the engine with stronger internals and turbocharging it! That's really it. It's not like this thing is a ferrari or a vette underneath and some magical part will make it a super car. It is what it is.. a re-tuned camry engine. It's good for what it is.
    I agree with mich. boost is the only way to go with our cars. That or spray them. And then your big issue is traction.
    No offence guys, but I didn't just buy the Unichip thinking it was a replacement for boost. I've also clearly already bought the Unichip as I've said I'm trying to set it up. I also appreciate your opinion, but I'm not looking for big numbers right now as I'm just testing it out and I have seen dyno's on stock tC2's that show around a 4-5HP increase from the Unichip piggyback with an adjustment to fuel and airflow. It isn't just $60 eBay plug in chip that either does nothing or throws in extra fuel.

    A LOT of people around the world have these for plug 'n' play and dyno mapping. I'm just testing it out at the moment as it will compliment an intake, header and exhaust in the future. All I want to get to is 200HP out of my tC2, and from my research that seems very realistic.

    If you are set on saying it just doesn't work then I would like to see proof before I am convinced to get rid of it.

    Is your tC2 manual or auto? And guy I'm not trying to knock what your doing or put it down. It's your money bro. If you search thru the forum you will see how many people chip or tune their cars and it doesn't effect any thing because they only have bolt ons. Our vehicles just don't respond to bolt ons like a Honda does. And this is coming from a guy who has over a grand in the intake and exhaust alone. My to mention the fact that retuning it every two weeks because the ecm resets its fuel air maps every two weeks is gonna get old. The reason most NA people don't use a aftermarket or stand alone system is because even fully modded, and I'm talking internals, high compression pistons, upgraded fuel system, etc, they could only barely break the 200whp threshold. Our redline is simply too low to make use of bolt ons. The companies lie to us about what kinda hp numbers a specific part will add. Intakes are all supposedly adding between 9-13 whp on our cars per their "dyno tests". Actual dyno tests showed an improvement from an intake or between 2-3whp. That's all. That's why everyone went the boosted route.
    yes exactly what a lot of us were saying.. Spence306, exact answer! But if someone wants to continue down that path, go right ahead, it's your life.. But people have and it's not really worth the time to do it, but hey it's your life
    Alright, it just sounded like you were doing the usual "ignore what the OP wants" response and just give your opinion (which is very common on car forums). But that's my bad, I misread the intention, sorry.

    Ignoring the Unichip. Are you guys saying that with a Descendent exhaust (already have it), Dezod green header, and an Injen intake, I won't make another 15-20HP?
    It's all good bro. I just wanted to share what u have learned thru my time of searching thru the forums. And that combo might make close to 15whp. The sad part is say for a d series Honda, or even a k series, that would make 30whp. Lol
    I know it might not sound like much, but I would be pretty happy with an extra 15 to the wheels. That would be great for what I want and the fact that I have an automatic. Thanks very much.
    Hmmm the auto will take some of that extra horsepower. Not sure how much tho. It'll sound good tho.
    Does anybody have some insight on the unichips that came in the turbonetics kits? I recently bought a unichip on eBay and when I try to load maps onto it or update the firmware it just fails and tells me that the unichip was installed as original equipment. Do I have to bring it to an authorized tuner? Anybody know of one I could just mail in?
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