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    I've been talking to Sarah, the Human resoruces lady at Andrew Scion/Toyota here in Glendale, WI. I'm going to be starting up a club....well not a club more of a community and I'd just like to see how many people would be intersted in participting in this. I really want something for all of us people here in Milwaukee. Our city doesn't seem as involved as others and i'd like us to be heard and on the map!!! so please PM me or post on this thread if ur intersted.
    Milwaukee already has a scion club sponsored by Don Jacob's scion. ScionSyndicate is the club name. they have a site also,
    Yeah i've been to that site, its nice and all but that club seems really really dead. Besides i'm not trying to make a club, more like a community where ppl can get together and have a good time without the fee's and manditory meetings. Just a place to kick it and have fun :mrgreen:
    well if thats what your looking for i can inform you on when my club has a next meet/meeting. we dont have fee's or dues. our web page that we use for now is
    MadMAx i think for sure we've talked before. I do some stuff for Team Rush here in Milwaukee, i think we've acutally talked before on AIM. My screen name on there is pipster78 i dunno if that rings a bell anyways hit me up on AIM?? do you have a tC?!!
    ahh yes thats right we have talked b-4. yes i do have a tc.
    hit me up on AIM, i've been talking to this other guy on and we are going to be starting up a comminuty in the milwaukee/northshore area. id love to have your company and participatement (if thats even a word lol) in this process!! lets get together and brainstorm!!
    Just to let you all know, There is a car show in the dells on may 19-21, its called automotion. I have been up there for the past 5 years and it keeps growing bigger. Now we cant enter our cars becasue its an older car show, but the turn out of the cars and ppl up there is awesome. I will be up there with a lot of ppl. Just thought i would let you all know if you want to head up there for a lil vacation and some good times.
  • 9 posts
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