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2005 scion tc

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    I have a 2005 scion tc , my check engine light had come on so I took it back to my mechanic and they said it was my gas cap so he tightened it and turned the sensor off . The next day the CEL turned back on , anyone have any reasons as to why?
    Yes there is something else wrong that giving you that check engine light. have somebody run the codes for you. gives us better understanding of your problem and to give you suggestions.
    9 times out of 10 when the gas cap code comes up, you just replace the gas cap and that'll solve your problems. I've heard there is an aftermarket gas cap for the tC that works just as well as the OEM one at a lower price. My understanding is that generally the gasket wears away and there isn't a proper seal on the tank anymore.
    ummm, generally is not a good quote in my opinion. If you're getting the "gas cap code" it has to do with somewhere in your fuel system there is pressure being released.. the easiest way to tell if it's your gas cap is to take off your gas cap. that's about it, if it comes off super easy without pretty much ANY resistance, it's your cap. what happens is the rubber seal on the backside gets hard and just doesn't seal like it should. check the rubber seal and how loose the cap is before wasting money. Usually the "gas cap code" happens soon after a fill up on gas.
    yeah I had a toyota cap, seal was sealing, or looked like it was. CEL kept going off. UGH! I finally had enough and bought a Stant brand cap, that's what Aervin is talking about. NAPA sells their brand, but it's a Stant, they made it for Napa.

    Now there's another thing to look at is the mouth/lip of the fuel filler neck, where the cap screws into. Any corrosion there? That can stop a good seal as well.

    if that's clean, a new cap will fix the problem. Sure it could be other things in the evap (evaporative emissions system). But I bet it's a bad cap, quite common on the tC. The key is, get the Stant made cap, had it for a couple years, finally no more CEL (check engine light)!
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