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2006 Scion TC no crank no start. Cranked before starter replacement

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    I bought a 2006 Scion TC on offerup for $300. It’s an auto with 200k miles, and it’s in decent shape. We bought it not running, was told it stalled while they were driving and it was left in a parking lot. I do not hear the fuel pump working, but originally it would only crank. I charged the battery on a battery charger overnight, put it back in, no luck. Tried jumping it with a battery pack, no luck, just crank. I removed the starter and took it to autozone, it was tested and was told it works perfectly. I put the starter back in and now it won’t even crank at all. Tried bypassing the starter relay, checked grounds, made sure everything was tight, nothing, not even a crank. There was definitely power going through the starter relay because when i bypassed the relay the wire i used was very warm. Can anybody help? I’m stuck i have no idea what to try now.
    UPDATE: 05-24-20 I replaced the battery with a brand new one. Same thing doesn’t even click. I also removed the starter again, cleaned it off, put it back in, no change.
    UPDATE: I replaced a 7.5 amp starter fuse i hadn’t seen before and now it clicks again. Gonna test the alternator next and bring a multimeter and test the starter wires.
  • 3 posts
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