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how do you replace the sunroof?

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    i need to know cuz apparently my tc's roof shatterred and i needed to swap it out for another that i bought....jus wanted to know if its a direct bolt on or not. thanks!
    I believe has a DIY thread about this.
    if someone finds this link please post it here. I want to talk to the original poster of that thread and see if we can add it to our collection of diy.
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    OK...found it...Amazing what the "search" feature does these days!!!


    Not exactly replacing the same roof...same deal though!...Still taking the roof on & replacing it...
    so i came across this thread....and im doing the sunroof as well only i needed the front glass but the sunroof wont open on my parts car and i decided to remove the whole thing.... i followed instructions on that scion life thread....only i try to push up on the sunroof but it wont budge.....i dont wanna sound stupid but im thinking its because of the glue...and i dont wana be a butcher and ruin the perfect sunroof and break it knowing my luck.... so i was wondering if anyone could give me some insight and let me know if its ok to push up and hopefully it separates?...... im pretty sure i removed every bolt securing it to the body of the car... FML.
    if there is glue use something to break the bond and if thats the problem once the bond is gone the sunroof should simply come off
    So I just finished yesterday, and was not able to get a good answer on how this works, so Incase anyone is wondering, there are 24 bolts that need to come off, all 10mm you will need an extended socket for the rear bolts, once the interior is off, there are holes by the dome lights on the front and back that are all going to come out pretty easily, 4 on the back, 4 on the front making 8 bolts, then you will go to the sides by the doors, if you look closely all the bolts look the same and you can tell which 4 are going to be holding the sides on, build all 8, 4 from the driver side, 4 from the passenger side, then there are 8 bolts left, if you look up by the air bags by the front windows there are 2 spserate brackets one towards the middle and one towards the front, unbolt all 8, 4 on passenger, 4 on driver side (these bolts are a little smaller), now that all 24 bolts are off I found that mine were stock on with glue as well, so if you just pus up slightly hard on each corner with even pressure for a decent amount of time, it should pop right out and sit on the roof of your car, it is pretty heavy so you may need some help removing it off the car without scratching it, hope this was help some what of a help to someone! (I would say this takes close to an hour maybe 1:3)
    Thanks for the info. I hope I don't have to attempt that job!!
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