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spark plug install

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    I have used the search tool and only found 2 topics of the spark plugs by the keywords: "spark plugs", "Spark plug install", "spark plug installation", "installing spark plugs". I think that's all. All turned up only 2 posts. I looked at my PDF manual which is for the scion tc 2005-2008.

    I have a manual transmission 2005 Scion tC.
    What my car is doing is during idle, every few seconds it wants to die. The RPM gauge will be at 750 rpm or so and go down a lil and it will act like it wants to die but doesn't. When I'm driving it does the same thing at lights. With the new exhaust i can hear the engine better and i hear it doing the idle thing i just described.

    My gran says it's prolly the spark plugs and to just change them. The car has 63,000 miles on it. Was thinking about getting the 3M 3 step tune-up thing i saw on their website. I made an attempt at cleaning the throttle body but it's impossible to get my hand inside it and also wondered if i can just take it off and clean it from the other side. There is a net like grill in the first half of the throttle body so i could only insert like a long gadget in the part that opens. But taking it off and cleaning it would be ideal. What would i need to beware of if doing that? As far as i know only air travels through the throttle body. I could be wrong and am in most cases. lol
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    well, we're going to see some more info.

    do you have a check engine light? if 1 or more spark plugs has fouled, you'll have the light.

    at 63,000 miles, it's very rare the spark plugs would be shot, but it is possible. what is more likely is the fuel system has an issue, there could be gunk which is caused by an accumulation of deposits

    if you can remove at least 1 spark plug, take a picture of it and post it here, then we can have a much better idea of what your engine is doing

    take the picture
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    yup i've had CEL up constant, not blinking for about 2 months now. Ever since the header install. I hope these pics work from Picasa, the lighting is bad but i took them at 4 a.m. I'm an insomniac. I'm going to change the plugs out for piece of mind. They aren't expensive to me. The OBD2 tester was 124 and my torque wrench was 40. I've spent a lot in tools and i hope to buy more. I like collecting tools. The people who had the car before me didn't take great care of it so I don't mind changing the plugs out for even just that reason. The car runs great besides this idle problem. It never overheats and i can run the air on full blast in texas heat and it never runs hot.

    OBD2 codes I'm getting before spark plug install: I don't really understand all this but I will eventually figure it out.

    P2195: O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 1 Sensor 1
    P2238: 02 sensor positive Current control circuit low bank 1 sensor 1
    P0304: Generic Cylinder 4 misfire detected

    freeze fram data is always the highest on the list and the 1st code listed:
    Fuel system 1 CL-Fault
    Fuel System 2 N/A
    Calc Load(%) 21.57
    ECT (degree F) 186
    STFT B1 (%) 20.31
    LTFT B1 (%) 8.59
    Eng RPM 653
    Vehicle speed 0 mph It was sitting in garage. You do this with the engine off put the key turned to on position.
    Spark Adv (degrees) 9.00
    IAT (F) 105
    MAF (lb./min) 0.45
    TPS (%) 15.29

    The first code I've had since the header was installed. Also of note there are 3 lights on the obd2 green, yellow and red. From what i understand blinking is really bad but if it's solid red which is what i have then it's not a seriously serious problem. Frankly i dont care how serious it is or isnt. It has to be fixed by myself by September cuz that's when inspection is due.

    spark plug install

    ugh finally got them loaded.
    Also wanted to mention this dude i just found on youtube Scotty Kilmer who also has his own website He's been a mechanic for 42 years and going strong. He has excellent videos that are perfectly done. Doesn't have effing music playing over his voice, i hate that, it's so dumb. You can't hear all a person's inflections when they talk and there is always something important a beginner like me needs to hear. Music playing over words is one of the worst things to do imo when making an instructional video. This guy is laid back, explains why it does, when to change w/e and is to the point. He has over 70 videos on many different repairs to many cars. Each video is a different project or problem. And it's totally free. HE's amazing. He's my new hero!
    Well the first two codes tell me your bank 1 sensor 1 o2 is shot and needs replacement.

    You need to check cylinder #4 spark plug and wire one of them is bad if you are getting a misfire on that cylinder.
    So if you did a header install without the anti-fouler on the o2 sensor, then your computer thinks the sensor is broken.

    I can't see the ignition tips from the plugs, but at quick glance 1 of the plugs looks dirtier than the other. So #4 may indeed need replacement. May as well replace all the plugs anyway.
    yeah 4 was really dark looked like it had been burnt pretty good. I am a sucker for letting peeps talk me into buying what i dont need. Autozone sold me Iridium/platinum 4 prong spark plugs. Apparently the spark is lit by these 4 posts or the electricity runs through the 4 before it ignites, i'm not sure. I don't really know how spark plugs work in relation to having 4 posts in stead of 1 and no gapping required. When i got them home and proceeded to do the install I noticed the notice from toyota to buy only NGK iridium plugs. He sold me Bosch, not sure of spelling right now and car interior is in pieces cuz i got my 3M industrial spray on adhesive to redo my headliner.

    But my new dilema is the car is acting like i'm trying to break in a wild nut job bull who just sat down on a million bee hives. I dont think i've ever had a car do this before. It kicks like quintuplets in a pregnant woman, not that i know what that feels like but i can only imagine. I'm about to research what causes would be. I'll try to make a video of it tomorrow and post it on my channel tazethemonkey on youtube.
    I think i only have 1 sensor right? Could the sensor be damaged if the threads were mangled and then someone used a dremmel to make the threads even again so we could get it in the eliminator? The part that goes in first on the sensor also looked discolored when my bo put it on. I thought sensor at first too. Would that make the car jump like that? Besides it kicking now, it doesnt want to die like before. It revs up in stead of down on its own.
    When you disconnected the plugs, you must pay careful attention to the firing order. If you mix it up your car will be crazy.

    Sounds like the Autozone rep upsold you on plugs. Please post the model number of those plugs, there is a good chance that particular model may not have the correct gap.
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    Here is a direct link to the plug i got at Autozone online Link

    I drove it today to a friend's house and it did alright. It still wants to hickup. When I pulled out of the driveway it did do some kicking but other than that it did okay. About the getting something mixed up...well i think i put the same ignition coils on in the same places they were though i can't be sure cuz i didnt pay that close attention to it. I looked at each one though and they all have the same #s and letters on them. I prolly should've just unscrewed the bolts and removed those and left the ignition coil overs plugged into their plugs. But can't turn back time now. Now I'm thinking maybe something to do with the fuel. It almost feels sluggish or hesitant when i'm first starting out like from 1st to 2nd gear and almost feels like it's going to die so i lay on the gas and it just kicks for a few seconds and then is normal. In between those times it runs great and sounds good.

    Of note: my CEL was off when i started the car, remained off when i went to my friends and was off when i went to get the mileage of my car for the can obd2 website.

    And thanx Orin, you've been really studious at helping me out. I really appreciate it!
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    @ Rene325ci '05 tC's don't have wires. I changed the plugs. The obd2 didnt read even after i did that driving.
    I know the tC uses coil packs same as my BMW. What I call wires is also called boots, force of habit for me you go 20 plus years saying wires. Lol

    So i just wanted to follow up all my subscriptions and leave solutions or final comments so anyone finding this will know.

    The new type 4 prong spark plugs work great and just as well as the 1 prong. I can't tell if it's better LOL.
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