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A/C Issues in Texas summer heat (a$$ sweat problems)

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    So this one is tripping me out. I’ve had the same issue with low freon and full freon levels. My A/C blows as cold as ice at night or when it’s been sitting in shade, cloudy days, winter, etc (driving or idling). If she’s been sitting in the sun or if I am driving on a hot day, the A/C will alternate between blowing cold and blowing warm air (driving or idling). The cold air is pretty short lived on these hot days. The strangest thing is that the only way I can get the A/C to blow cold air again is by opening the windows and allowing some air flow into the car. If I leave the windows up, it’ll just blow warm the whole ride (which is unbearable in this Texas heat). Once the windows have been down for a few minutes, the A/C will start to blow cold again but this will turn back to warm air whether the windows are down or not (the windows being down just ensures that the A/C will come back cold at some point, even if it is for only a minute or so). Any ideas on what this might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been driving with the windows down to survive but it’d be nice to have the A/C working with this heat.


    The lady:
    ‘05 Scion Tc (OG) stock
    280,200 miles
    Maintenance: Tires/battery/oil (it’s a Toyota) Just replaced the starter.
    She did get some extensive water damage in a rain storm 4 years ago but she’s still running strong.
    Well since it is Texas and it's like Hell outside...
    Maybe just need to replace the AC system since the vehicle has so many miles on it.
    Also a thought, since you have windows down maybe it's stuck on cycling the air inside the cab VS taking the air from outside in?
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