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Do NOT buy from!!!

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    I usually don't post rants on this forum but this is something everyone should know about. Here's the long story.. Short version is at the end of this story..

    I had to buy a part for my other car. Amazon was out, advance auto was way too much and then I remembered about They had been good in the past and I thought they're saying the part is in stock, ok I'll give it a try.

    I ordered the part, it claims it was shipped that day but the tracking info they emailed me with was indicating the part was never picked up. I emailed CarID and they said they would "investigate" this but please give them 24-48 hours to look into the matter. Those hours came and went and no contact from CarID. I looked up other reviews online (should've done this to begin with!) and of course I was surprised to find they are not a reputable company any more! They take your money then give you a run-around with excuses upon excuses.

    The part did show up 5 days later, mangled shipping box, item box had a huge hole in it. I went to their site for their so-called "easy returns". No, not mine, I have to call in. I had enough and filed a complaint with PayPal. But I did go ahead and call CarID after that. So I call in and talk to someone who has a very thick accent. They go back and forth not wanting to refund my money but give me store credit. I continue to repeat myself over and over that I want a refund. I'm put on hold again.. They come back and tell me that they will ONLY issue a refund if I drop my dispute with Paypal. No, that is not going to happen.

    They then act like they've given in, will email me a return label + instructions in 24-48 hours. Seeing a pattern here?

    They refused to ever acknowledge my calls or emails after this. I escalated it to a claim via Paypal. This is where Paypal actually gets involved in this case. From what I can tell they ignored Paypal's emails until the last possible moment, just to keep the clock running. Since Paypal had given them 10 days to respond.

    About a week later, Paypal found in my favor for the full refund and closed the case. I had all my money back in my account immediately. Thank you PayPal!! That company is awesome! I'm so glad that I used Paypal for this and not my real credit card number!

    Oh but it gets better. They have now begun to call me, harassing me for the part back. But they refuse to ever send a pre-paid label, why should I have to pay to ship their beat-on part back to them? I won't spend another penny for them. In their emails they continue to ask for photos of the item and "thank you kindly, sir of returning the item". Funny.. Also, I have no address to send it back even if I wanted to!
    Complete MORONS!!

    Of course the short version is below here.. But after all this, I wanted to tell everyone of what happened to me with And.. Not to buy anything from this fraud of a company! Don't do it, you'll be sorry! I'm lucky I got my money back!

    TLDR : DO NOT BUY FROM CARID.COM! They're a fraudulent business, take your money, give you faulty parts, refuse to refund you the money, not even american-based customer service. All the signs of a shady business!! You've been warned!!
    thanks for sharing and glad you got your money back. When I use to search for parts that site always popped up. Never bought anything from them. But at the time for some reason their website just didn't feel legit. But good to know that they're a scam of a business.
    antiks wrote:
    thanks for sharing and glad you got your money back. When I use to search for parts that site always popped up. Never bought anything from them. But at the time for some reason their website just didn't feel legit. But good to know that they're a scam of a business.

    Hey Antiks, thanks for the reply! You're welcome for the info! I wanted to get this story out to all fellow tC'ers and anyone else they know! I'm glad you didn't buy from them, your instincts served you well! I had bought a rear strut bar for my civic from them in '13 but they are NOT that good company anymore!

    Scam of a business is right! And anyone else reading this, do a search for reviews, read for yourself how they do not refund anyone, and just keep money, sometimes never even shipping the part! Boycott this company, definitely..
    I've used them on occasions and never had any issues. They're pretty much the go-to for car covers, masks, mats and those kind of accessories.
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    Well you can be a cheerleader for them, but when I contacted PayPal it was not a surprise to them that they were trying to scam another customer. They even tried to ignore Paypal, only replying on the last possible day to acknowledge my evidence against them. Place is a joke.. Glad it worked out for you but my advice still stands that the place is not a good place to buy from.

    EDIT: Here's a site of reviews of Interesting how bad it is..
    Also like to add this for everyone reading.. is paying people to say good things about them! here's the quote from sitejabber! I'm not surprised, this company is a scam!

    "Sitejabber has been notified that this business has offered discounts, coupons or other incentives in exchange for reviews about this business. We wanted you to know because offering incentives has been shown to skew the overall ratings of a business. This behavior contravenes our guidelines as it might have a misleading impact on the rating and consumers. "
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