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Throwing several codes and need help diagnosing. P0101, P0171, P0441, P0455, & P0456

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    Hi brand new to the forums here, so sorry if this isn't formatted properly or posted in the right spot!

    Its a 2007 TC with an auto transmission that came from a third party dealer with an aftermarket gas cap. When the codes were first being thrown it got a new cap, but it still throws the P0101 & P0171 codes on and off for a year or two, until recently when it started throwing P0456 then later P0455 & P0441. Everything points to the EVAP system but I'm still a novice and can't quite pinpoint what it'd be other than the gas cap.

    It's got a fixd reader attached and so I was able to pull some freeze frames of recent codes, hopefully they'll make more sense to someone on here and I can learn a thing or two!

    I was also able to find a hose with a small knick in it that could use to be replaced, perhaps it's the cause?
    I found this post with a similar issue, but as I dont have the OEM cap would it still be worth trying to reset the computer?
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