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Knocking sound

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    So earlier this year I hit a pretty serious pot hole. Ended up breaking my ball joint - Then I hit a curb and bent my control arm. Since then, I have replaced the ball joint, control arm, and tire, myself and gotten an alignment. When I begin to accelerate I can hear a 'tap' or 'knock sound just once. Then it goes away until I'm coming to a stop - then I can hear it once more.

    Also, not sure if it is directly related but also when going over even the slightest of bumps I can hear a softer tapping sound.

    With any of that info, Can someone please help out and point me in the right direction of what to check out?
    Unfortunately that could be anything and we just aren't equipped here on the forum to troubleshoot with the information you provided. Best bet is a mechanic.
  • 2 posts
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