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Charging system not working

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    Hello everyone, I was hoping to get some feedback here on my charging system issues. My alternator recently went out (tested bad), so I purchased a new one (tested good), and I believe that I may have damaged something in the process of installing it. So I know the battery and the alternator are good. I am getting full voltage at the post on the alternator, and it also looks to be well grounded. I checked both the 140A ALT and the 7.5A ALT-S fuses, and they both look good...

    Here's what I think I screwed up when I was re-installing the alternator. There is a plug with four wires: red, white, yellow, pink that plugs into the alternator. I did not realize the proper routing of the cable when I reinstalled the new alternator, and I believe I damaged it by pinching it underneath the alternator itself, or due to heat from the exhaust, or something of that nature. I am getting voltage at the white wire, but nothing at the red wire even with the ignition on. Second pic attached is the plug with the four wires I'm referring to. I believe that this red wire traces down to another plug shown in my first picture - this plug has a red and a white wire. I am getting 0 voltage here even with the ignition on which does not seem right. First picture attached shows where I traced the second plug to - it is coming from the side of the engine block and there is a plastic cover with a 10mm bolt securing it (red circle in photo). Before I start removing that bolt and screwing around with wires even more, I just wanted to know: am I on the right track here or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

    Got it fixed. It was the ECU-IG fuse under the dash that was the issue. While inspecting fuses, I accidentally put that fuse back in one of the dummy fuse slots. Doh!
    LOL.. yup we've all had that DOH! moment! glad you found it and it's working correctly now!
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