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I need help reading scanner readout

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    I have a Actron Autoscanner Plus and i am sure that if i was smart enough to understand what it is telling me i could figure out what in the heck is wrong with my 2006 scion TC. Hope somebody can steer me in the right direction.
    What i would like help understanding is the "short term and long term" fuel use ?
    I am viewing the freeze frame data after a P0171 code was set and most all of the other info is pretty straight forward but i am having a devil of a time trying to wrap my head around the fuel data.
    Is there anybody out there who could break it down for me and make it a little bit easier for me to understand?
    The numbers that are showing for the freeze frame that set the code are "short term" is 3.1 and "long term" is 38.3 I am pretty sure that somehow i might be able to tell if the fuel pump is bad ???? Heck..... I dont know...
    your post has been merged with your original post here..

    you have answers at that post, no need to keep posting again. Just reply to the original thread, thanks.
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