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Airbag light wont come off

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    I own a 2010 scion tc with 113k miles on it. I noticed the airbag light came on when I changed the factory steering whell to a GT steering wheel. A lady reversed her car into mine so for insurance reasons I changed back to the factory steering wheel but for some reason the airbag light never turned off. I have changed my airbag modular, checked wires and all and nothing is working. I have had others even take a look at it as well and they cant figure it out. Do anyone think they might have an idea as to why the airbag light is not turning off?
    P.S. if anymore info is needed please just let me know.
    nope no idea.. might want to get it to a dealer or a tech that works on Toyota vehicles. Could be so many things, can't diagnose that over the internet.
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