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Oil Lab analysis results..

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    I've recently read more and more over on "Bob is the oil guy" forums. I was made aware of Blackstone Labs where you capture a sample of your oil in their free test kit and send it off for analysis. Each oil analysis is $28, the TBN (total base number) is $10 and the Particle Count Test is $15. The TBN is the total base number of additives left in the oil. When this number get around 1.0 or below, the oil is considered unusable. The particle count test is just that, counts the particles in the oil, it's a test of the oil filter to see if it's capturing enough of the bigger particles.

    I haven't been able to get to my tC in the last year, lots of things in my life left me driving my Project Civic car instead. While the tC was up on jackstands. The oil sample that's attached to this email is the results of that oil, sitting in the engine, never started for over a year!

    Amazing.. maxearing was telling me to do nothing special when starting up the car, just put the battery (freshly charged) in and start it up. Max was right, Toyota's really do have amazing engineering. Also, look at the report, see zero for aluminum, lead, chromium, copper, etc? Those are showing my engine after this long is not wearing at all! WOW.. I did the analysis for the Civic and it was good but not stellar results like the tC!

    I know this sounds like a commercial, but it's not. I really believe in these lab tests, and it can help other tC owners see how their oil is doing. Like on my friend's rogue, she did the analysis and it showed me she had a dirty air filter since the silicon numbers were high. Sure enough, she opened up the air box and the thing was caked in dirt! lol.

    Hope this can help our fellow tC owners.. Here's my results.

    I tried to embed the image from mediafire and tinypic, but it wouldn't embed the image.

    Here's a link to the image/results
    Oil results at Tinypic

    EDIT: Had to also share that Blackstone labs will send free kits to sample the oil, just don't try and send the container through the US Mail, it's legal to send oil, but they don't like it. UPS/FEDEx works better. But on their website they'll mail you free sample kits was my point.
    That is awesome, great job!! It shows how well you take care of your vehicles!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    I have the kit, I requested 2 bottles, one for oil and the other for my tranny fluid. Hope to send them out soon. It can't hurt to see what is going on inside of your vehicle.

    How long should I wait to run an analysis on the TC? I'm at 7,500 mi.
    hey thanks yotagirl!

    If you're at 7500 miles on the oil for the tC, it's definitely time to change it. I was changing my oil every 3-4k miles. But I remember one good piece of advice Toyota did say, it was time or mileage for the change. I never reached the mileage at the 6 month mark so I'd change the oil based on time instead. Can't wait to see your oil analysis results!
    Stupid question alert LOL

    Does that apply for synthetic oil? I thought it was changed at a higher mileage than traditional oil?
    yotagirl wrote:
    Stupid question alert LOL

    Does that apply for synthetic oil? I thought it was changed at a higher mileage than traditional oil?

    That's the theory, but every engine is different. Plus what you see on the shelf as "synthetic oil" may be nothing more than highly refined organic (dino, for dinosaur) oil that is passing itself off as synthetic. There was a lawsuit by mobil awhile back where Mobil sued Catrol over the use of the term "synthetic". The courts found that the Castrol was free to call it synthetic because it did act/work like a true 100% synthetic. What's funny, Mobil began to use highly refined dino oils after that, calling them synthetics when they were not 100% man-made.

    My point is saying all this is real synthetics can go a long time, but it also depends a lot on the engine itself. I think the tC engine is a good one (not perfect, but good). And I like to err on the side of caution.

    I know on mine, Toyota recommended 5000miles or 6 months for oil changes. my 2az-fe engine was from a line of sludge monsters. In the years before the tC1, Toyota had recommended too long of an oil change interval in a lot of their engines. Couple that with the engines were not running hot enough, led to engine sludge/gelling. yup turned to solid grease! Goodbye engine! Hello expensive rebuild! Of course, Toyota was sued, etc, and it was a big black eye for Toyota!

    When the revised 2az-fe came around in the tc1, I thought that I wouldn't listen to the 5k mile recommended interval and lower it to 3-4k miles. I did not want to take a chance that even though they revised my engine, who knows if it was true that it wouldn't sludge. I know differently now. But I'm still ok with 3-4k mile oil change intervals.

    call me a skeptic. So for yours I think 7500 is way long enough, I think yours is the 2ar-fe engine, and a different design, but the oil analysis will show the truth, that's what's awesome about the lab test.

    My recommendation is always less than what the manufacturer says. If they say 10k miles, I'd change the oil at 5-7k. If they say 5k, I go with 3-4k. same with coolant, 60k? I do it at 30k. People can argue at me that I'm wasting resources or some other tree hugging.environmental stuff, but I take these fluids to recyclers, and hey it's my money. Plus I'm not polluting the environment taking to to a fluid recycler!

    I remember on the tc1, the transmission dipstick had this warning on the top of the stick saying "DO NOT CHANGE TRANSMISSION FLUID".. lol.. something about lifetime fluid. ok.. Who's lifetime? I ignored it, replaced the trans fluid and it shifted so much better! I can go on and on..

    so 5-7k is way more than enough on your engine. Post up the results of the lab test, let's see how it did for 7500 miles!

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