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tC1/tC2 Toyota Engine Air filter update!

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    For those of you that use the Toyota brand engine air filter..

    Noticed something odd when looking for the Toyota brand engine air filter.
    Usually for the tC1 it's part number 17801-0D020 but I noticed on some dealer websites it was superseding to a new part number 17801-YZZ03.

    Found official Toyota info on the air filters...

    The 17801-0D020 is for "warranty replacement" and the 17801-YZZ03 is not! looks like the YZZ03 is a service part, usually lower quality/price, not worth it!

    My take on this is when there are two parts, the warranty replacement is always the better part! Insist on the 17801-0D020 part for tC1's.

    For you tC2 owners, ask for 17801-0H050, not the 17801-YZZ06!

    And don't let the dealer tell you the part was "replaced/superseded" it has not been! There are two levels out there and I'd rather take the better part!

    Info here
    Great info Mich!! I've downloaded it, gonna read it. Thanks
    Well looks like I was incorrect! Looks like Toyota has really superseded the part to the YZZ03 (for tC1) and I've seen both. The new one looks like the old one but side by side you can clearly see it's "cheap" looking.

    If I can't find the old part I'll be going aftermarket then. I can't justify buying a cheaper part just because Toyota closed down the Scion brand. Not going to live with a "bean counters" decision!

    I've updated the original post to correct what wasn't true after all. Oh well..
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