My Scion tC has about 180k on the odo, and I am looking into rebuilding the engine because at some point in the next couple of years. The car was abused before I got it and it was never turned in for the piston ring recall to stop the oil burning issue.

While I am in there anyway, I was thinking about doing some performance mods to mostly help me jump into traffic better.

I have heard that unless I am willing to go with a forced induction setup that I am not going to get very much power out of the engine. Is that true?

I was thinking about dropping a forged crank, titanium conrods, and hypereutectic pistons into the block. I was also thinking about a port and polish on the head, a bigger throttle body and a high-flow exhaust, with a tuneable ecm to squeeze out a few more horses.

Is it even worth my time and money to do this? I am a poor college student so I am trying to make plans for a couple years down the road when the car should be rebuilt or sold to a junkyard.