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Rear trunk release button

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    I bought my scion 2007 at a dealership and when I tried to put something into my trunk my hand touched something warm and gooey. Apparently the rubber that covered the button had fallen off and now I need a new one. I called the dealership and it was $75, so I'm shopping around and I have no clue where I can find the part. I found one on ebay but it doesn't match my year.

    Ebay Link

    Can someone please help me find this piece for a 2007 scion tc.
    thats the part you need- Im almost 99% positive itll fit
    there werent that many changes in years til the 2011
    Do you know of another place i can buy it? He's charging me $16 for shipping
    Don't look at it that way. Look at it as you can get the switch for $36 which is a lot less than $75. I have learned that on eBay you need to look at total cost. People do weird things with prices and shipping. I would see if a local junk yard is willing to sell you that part. If not, then just grab the eBay one. It is very odd to me that an 07 would need this already, but, it is what it is.
    mine is pretty nasty and gooey as well, its weird, I always get like a little black mark on my fingers when I open it, but at least its still on and works. good luck
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