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Stolen Key: Dealer wants $700 for new keys.

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    I have a question for everyone.
    ***The Background***
    The only key to my 07 Tc was stolen in a different state. Toyota requires 2 master keys to be purchased to program the car along with being vin cut.
    The problem is that comes out to ~$700.
    ***The Thought***
    If I bought a 07 ECU with ignition and key, would that swap work to get the car running. I understand the doors wouldnt unlock, but Im sure you can program that key to unlock the doors via the remote.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I had same problem but I lost my key. I called a mobile locksmith and for 80 dollars he came out and 20 minutes later I had a key. IT WAS JUST A REGULAR EVERYDAY KEY. I called Toyota and the were able to order me either the master or the spare with my VIN. master was outrageous but it wasn’t no 700 I think close to 200 but I ordered the CHIPPED spare for 140 BUT it was uncut and it was unprogramed. Once I received the uncut unprogrammed key I took that and the everyday ordinary key to a locksmith and the cut it for 7 bucks. Then went to YouTube and there are a couple showing how to program your key. My key works fine. It is a lot of steps but hey it’s way cheaper than 700
    I too have seen the method for programming new keys on YouTube and most people seem to have success with it. You can get a new programmable key on Amazon, have a locksmith cut it for you and then program it yourself.

    I'm probably going to do this as I want a nice new key, mine looks old as sh** right now lol
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