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2007 Scion TC Engine Failure... LOL

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    I have a 2007 Scion TC (manual transmission) that was recently given to me by a family member. I have driven the car less than 100 miles (no freeway) and one day last weekend while leaving a friends house the car started up rough, billowed some white smoke from the exhaust, and proceeded to shut off as I put it in gear and tried to pull off. I started it again and repeated this process 3x. Eventually I had to have the car towed to a shop and the mechanic initially told that cylinders two and three had very low compression and that the rings were smoking. He then told me that I needed to replace the engine (which only has a little under 90K miles on it) and I was in disbelief. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there anything else that could be wrong instead of the engine being bad? I can't believe that it could have failed like this.
    How it was treated before you got it will tell why it happened. I wonder if it had an issue such as overheat, improper maintenance or other problems. You say given to you so it could be they gave it to you knowing it had an issue.
    i wouldnt trust that mechanic. have someone else check it out. an easy way to check if your rings are fried is to turn the car on and then pull out the dipstick, if you get white smoke coming out then your ring lands are for sure toast
    Check your coolant level, Check your engine oil for a milkshake color, If the engine runs check to see if your radiator hoses get pretty hard with the engine running.
    Run the VIN to see what factory recalls were needed and try to find out if they were completed. I have the same year model tC and I know there was a recall on piston rings. I got a engine rebuild for free from the dealer as a result.
    I'm assuming this person doesn't own the tc anymore since this thread was from 2013.
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