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Howl like whine from belt

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    Hi all, my 2006 tC has been howling from somewhere on the serpentine belt. It started maybe 2 weeks ago and it only happens when the engine is hot and at idle, rev at all and the noise goes away. I just finished replacing the belt but the noise is still there. I put a flathead to various points around where the noise is coming from and its pretty clearly the alternator. The reason I’m making this post is because I’d like a second opinion as I’ve never heard an alternator howl like that. Not sure if this matters but I do tend to drive pretty hard even on my commute, I mean it’s pretty hard not to when the cars so fun to drive haha

    Thanks for any advice

    Tensioner or altenator?
    Tensioner or altenator?
    sounded like the alternator, when I replaced the belt I checked the tensioner and it seemed fine, no play in the pulley and no difficulty spinning it.
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