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Crank, No Start

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    Longtime reader of the forum here, hoping to bounce something off you guys. I have an 06 tc, about 103k miles. It's currently in fine working order, but a couple weeks ago I was having trouble getting her started. Engine would crank-crank-crank but wouldn't turn over. I eventually got it started when I floored the gas pedal prior to turning the key. It fired up with a rumble and spewed a cloud of blackish-gray awfulness from the exhaust.

    My question is has anyone experienced this? I'd like to know the reason for the issue if at all possible. For background, I filled up the tank on Weds 2/18, drove the next few days to/from work about a 40 mi R/T. I drove it on Sat as well thru snow when it was about 25 out. Parked outside, next day-Sunday, it was about 45-50 out and moved it back into the garage. Monday morning, it wouldn't start. Went through some troubleshooting and as mentioned, I finally got it started when flooring the gas prior to cranking. Been working fine since. Any ideas on the source issue?
    Mine did something similar after it had been sitting in the snow for a bit. My guess is that it's cold related.
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