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Ruff Idle

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    So to Start I have a 2010 Scion xB.
    I get gas from the same two gas stations and no where else.
    I noticed sometimes I would drive come to a light and the motor would idle rougher then it normally would. It would go away be fine for say a day or two then come back again.

    Could it be that I need to clean the throttle body?
    I just hit 38k for mileage so I'm thinking that's it.
    Wanted to pick the brains of y'all to see if I'm missing something I should check.

    You could also need a fuel system cleaner or tune up. But the throttle body could be it.
    I'll go ahead and throw in a fuel cleaner when I do my next fill up.
    Prob give the Spark Plugs a once over to.
    I don't usually suggest FI cleaners,but instead using better gas. I have never run FI cleaner in my tC and I just hit 135k with no issues. I usually use QT regular gas, but sometimes run the higher octane for the cleaning benefits.

    If I recall you bought this used,no?
    Maybe the person used crap gas before, and a cleaner may help. Hard to say.

    As for plugs.... They are 100k mile plugs, I can not believe that at 38k you have any kind of issue with those. I would hope that they were never replaced with cheapo plugs from the random auto parts store. Always, use the exact OEM plug for exact OEM performance. The only exception to this is if you have a major mod that requires a colder plug, such as BOOST or NO2.

    If I were to suspect anything, I would be looking for any possible vac leak, torn or cracked intake boot, loose MAS, bad ground (most likely corroded terminal if this is it)

    Best of luck
    Yea I bought it used, The engine is pretty clean and I did a once over to see if anything was out of place. Didn't really see anything Odd....
    I'm going to always Assume the owner before me never took care of it, but that is my own paranoia talking. The gas I use has been pretty reliable and clean from what I know from using it the past 4 years.
    As far as the Plugs go it's just something I was going to look at to see if there was any whitening going on.

    Maybe on my next fill up I'll slap a slightly higher octane in there and see what that does.
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