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Chassis nuts/bolts maintenance...

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    I forgot I hadn't posted this on CSTC so I moved my post from the other forum over to here. Hope it helps!

    If you look in your manual it will say "Every 5000 miles check bolts/nuts on body/chassis". I've talked to different Scion dealers and no one says it's necessary. nAnd the Scion dealers don't really seem to care, don't think it's a big deal. They couldnt be further from the truth! Did a little more digging for info and found out the bolts that the manual is talking about are the suspension bolts!

    So I went out to the car with an accurate torque wrench and thought I would see if the bolts were tight. I do have the service manual, so yes I know the correct torque setting for all the bolts for the subframe and suspension.

    What I have to tell everyone is this. A lot of the bolts were loose! On one bolt in the rear (this is why I'm posting this) is the bolt that holds the hub (brakes, lug, wheel bearing) to the suspension. I got about 3-4 turns out of that bolt. I am just wondering, okay let's say I didn't check it, and it continued to loosen, it would come to a point where it would seperate from the suspension! Toyota did NOT use locking nuts on these bolts, otherwise you wouldn't have to re-torque them every 5000 miles.

    I just don't want my fellow tC-ers to be in danger when I just have seen it twice so far on my own tC. It wasn't the factory, these things are getting loose on their own and I'm not driving on rough roads!

    For everyone else here, please get these checked.

    UPDATE: For those who are going to check on this, you'll need the right tools and the right info

    Here is a link to the files you'll need to read for the correct torque settings:

    1- Front Suspension -
    2- Power Steering/Front Suspension -
    3- Rear Suspension -

    Tools needed:
    Jack Stands and jack
    19mm socket and 19mm wrench (boxed and open for all)
    22mm socket and 22mm wrench - for the front strut mounting bolts
    17mm socket and wrench
    14mm socket and wrench
    Torque Wrench that goes up to 177ft-lbs (for the front lower strut mounting bolts)
    Excellent post! I almost cut in after reading that your Scion dealer said it wasn't necessary. As you have found, it is absolutely necessary. Toyota's engineers don't come up with B.S. maintenance items just for the hell of it. I actually had this happen to a subframe bolt on a friend's Yaris! After working on handbuilt car brands for years now, I can tell you the $500,000 car needs this just as the $20,000 Scion needs it.
    Hey thanks! Yeah I thought I should bring that post over here from the other forum. I've noticed though as the car ages, nature's own "loctite" takes over and stops the bolts from moving! lol. RUST!

    but.. yeah the dealers really don't have a clue, it's when I started forgetting what they "recommend" and doing the work myself! I actually stopped by the dealer for some parts, and a salesman was impressed in how good shape my car was. Yeah because the dealer doesn't do the work! I'm not bashing on all dealers, there are some good ones out there. But when they ignore stuff like what Toyota's engineers designed the car for, it's ridiculous! So yeah I completely agree with you, the engineers didn't put that maintenance recommendations in just for a suggestion!

    I hope this post helps everyone here to at least check the torque of bolts after a couple of years since production. Also this should be done with a torque wrench, only way to be exact.
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