It's been a while. Hopefully this isn't some recent duplicate. Anyways, long story short, I let the car sit for a day after a weekend of driving with no issues, and now it cranks, but just will not turn over.

Just to be clear, I'm posting this to log a few checks and ask for advice as I dig into diag. The most I checked today was most of the fuel "stuff" (power, relays, etc). It seems to be getting fuel, and I'm not smelling ANY fuel at all when attempting to start the car. Plugs and coil packs were done recently, too, but Ill be checking spark next.

The car has about 235K original miles on it, with minor mods. Anyone have this happen and successfully fix the issue? Oh! Also! I did let my VVT Solenoid get way bad not long ago, and oil leaking from it corroded the shielding on the main harness that runs across the timing chain cover. I didn't see any wiring damage when I was back there, but I know the injectors split off that harness too, so I'll be giving that a look-see.

Any ideas? I mean dang, the thing got me and a couple coworkers to lunch Monday afternoon with zero issues.

Also appreciated: Links to wiring diagrams. I've had the car 9 years and haven't found a good source. 🤣

It was the immobilizer in the key lol. Sorry for this thread. If anyone stumbles on this and is wondering though — The chip is in the plastic of the key fob case, so if you're replacing the case you will need to re-program. Here's a link to the programming: https://www.programyourre...uctions-listing-7402.aspx