My engine has a terrible tick. It is not an engine knock or a loose part under the hood. The sound is coming from the right side of the engine "The side opposite of the belts". The sound can only be heard when cruising. It does not tick at a certain speed or RPM. It seems to only tick when I am holding a speed in any gear. The ticking or clicking does get louder and quicker when the RPM's are higher. I have no ticking when at idle, when accelerating, when maintaining speed up or down hills or when slowing down. The ticking only happens when I am maintaining speed on level ground. My oil level is full. I have replaced my oil filter with the OEM and also am running royal purple as my oil since other people with ticking have had luck with that combo. For me it did not change anything. My engine has 110,000 on it and it is a 2008 Scion tC. Thank you very much for reading.