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PLZ help-Manual Trans issue(s) / Sunroof

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    SO,I recently had a new flywheel,clutch & throw out bearing replaced. When I purchased the car the transmission was already making that whining noise its known for. When I researched the issue I found plenty of others having the same/similar issues with there manual trans and each of them had to replace the throw out bearing. Well, as I was saying, I just got those parts replaced. When I picked up my car it sounded "better" but was still making a slight whining noise in neutral and between shifts. long story short, my transmission went out yesterday. I only drove a few thousands miles since I had the repairs done. If anyone knows what the F%$#! happened or why please let me know how you went about it. Whats the best thing to do??
    Yes! Finally someone with the same problem! (Mine is a 2014 though) Sorry to say I have no answers but the exact same thing happened to me.i thought it was just my clutch going bad so I replaced that and then not 5 miles down the road my transmission tore itself to pieces. If anyone knows anything about the manual transmissions will a older model year tc 08-12 ECT manual tranny fit on the newer 2014-2016 models?
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