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Engine Tick

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    I have seen so many threads about this but I decided to finally make an account and post my issue as well. Engine will click any time I push in the gas, I can't seem to pinpoint where this is coming from I have changed oil ( I see that's what a lot of threads seem to say) and I have checked exhaust manifold. I have checked for loose parts, just anything I can think of. I am not very car savvy so I cant figure it out. If anyone could even just give me a lead to what this could possibly be that would be awesome. The video below is gas about 10% pressed in, in first and second only. It ticks in all gears but just easiest to hear in low gears due to engine/exhaust being louder than it. I know it happens in higher gears because when I pass by cars I can still hear the ticking bouncing off their cars. Once again if anyone has any idea thank you so much!

    This is all in a '06 tc
    Sounds like u have bad rod bearings. Changing oil won’t make difference damage is done.
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