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Passenger Side Power Window Wont Work Plz Help

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    Ok so about a week ago I was driveing and everything was fine both windows were working. Then that same day I go to roll down my passenger window and it wont work. The green light is out on both the driver side button and the passenger side button.

    I pulled off the battery to see if that would work but no go there. Then I pulled off the panel and the switch was still on there, but I still decided to remove it and put it back on to see if that would work, but no go there either.

    I looked at the fuse box and the one inside the car has one for the "front door", I dont know if this is for both front doors or what. My driver door is working fine locks and window. My passanger lock is working, but the window switch is not. I dont know if there is a specific fuse or if there is a wiring issue here.

    Please I really need some help. I need to get the tint off my front windows because I need to get my fix-it tickets resolved. Thanks
    This may sound ridiculously stupid, but it's happened to me 3x and I felt like a tard. Is your window lock button activated on your driver's side (pushed in)? If so, it will prevent the window from rolling up/down on the passenger side.
    If you removed your battery then you need to reset your windows
    He said it wasn't doing it before he took the battery so he took it out to see if it would fix it.

    I'm almost certain it's the window lock button that was pushed b/c it's in a very easily accessible spot.
    Hey web if I push the window lock button cant i still roll it down from the driver side? I will go out and check right now though.
    not even with the drivers side. it will still be locked.
    Spitfire wrote:
    not even with the drivers side. it will still be locked.

    LOL I just figured that out...Thanks Web on my other two cars I owned with auto windows the lock only prevented the windows from being controled from the passanger side. Man I feel stupid I did all this work and it was this simple little button. LOL!!!
    Yeah, like I's happened to me 3x and it pissed me off on how easy the fix was. haha
    Window Lock Button FTMFW
    I laugh at myself. Everytime I would roll up to someone I knew I had to open my sun roof and yell out it. LAMO!!!!
    andino wrote:
    If you removed your battery then you need to reset your windows

    What do you mean by that How do you reset them
    bumping an old thread from 2009? Really? Lol

    To reset them, put the car in the on position (buy don't start the car) then roll the drivers side window down half way or more then roll it all the way back up and hold the button up for 6+ seconds. Then do the same with the passenger window

    This needs to be done every time the battery is disconnected
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