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a/c troubles

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    I have been having issues with my a/c since the end of last summer. We didn't worry with it since the weather wasn't as hot and we didn't really have the money to throw at it. anyways, the issue that I am having is that it wont blow cold. The only time it will blow cold is after I make a right turn and only a right turn. We have checked the Freon levels several times and that never fixes the problem. Every mechanic I talk to about says they have never heard of a car having that problem. My car is a 2014 tc. I'm just looking for suggestions as to what the problem could be. Thank you.

    When you start the car and put AC on, do you notice a drop in idle or perhaps a bit more noise? If the coolant isn't working, there is a strong chance the compressor isn't working. A bad compressor is a bit rarer on the tC, so it is more likely the AC Compressor Clutch.
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