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2011 Scion Tc Alternator Change

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    Hi I am new to forums so please be gentle. I looked on forums, google, YouTube but I can't seem to find how to change alternator for a gen 2 Tc. I saw countless videos and tutorials of gen 1. The main part I am stuck on is how to release the tension from the belt connected to the alternator so I can remove it. I saw another old post on this forums of how to replace alternator on gen1 Tc and if anyone has a similar tutorial for a gen2 Tc it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    it's really no different between years, just google "release belt tensioner 2011 scion tc". Once you release the tension you can pull the drive belt off. Might need two people, one to hold the tensioner down (to release tension) and someone else to pull the belt off.
    also.. what's wrong with your alternator that you need to replace it?
  • 3 posts
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