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2011 scion tc alternator

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    How do I change my alternator on my 2011 Scion tC? I already took off all of the wiring and two bolts but it still would not come out what am I missing?
    Did you take the serpentine belt off? Its not going to come off till you do that. Also remember to take the serpentine belt off at the crank pulley and not the alternator pully.
    Yes I took the belt off as well the alternator moves up and down but I can't get it to come out and don't want to force it
    Take some pics for us. I've only worked on gen 1 tC's but from google images the engine bay looks really similar so I'm at a loss for why it won't come out, sounds like you took everything off and it should pull right out.
    I looked up a remanufactured alternator to see what it looks like at this link here.;cc=1446973&jsn=318

    It only has two bolts and the electrical connections. It should pull out, wiggle it a little harder, it might be stuck on the mounting tabs from the engine? That's all I could think of, of where it might be stuck.

    Please take pics and post them up so we can see something you might not.
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