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One more engine ticking post

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    Sorry for yet another engine ticking post! Oil was just recently changed. It's made this ticking noise for awhile, but I feel like maybe it's getting a little louder? I do t know for sure though, I might just be being paranoid. The noise gets faster with acceleration, but doesn't get any louder.
    I've read on other threads that people are saying the pcv valve could cause a ticking sound, but would the noise come directly from where the pcv valve is located? This noise seems to be coming directly from the top of the motor.
    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
    Sounds normal to me. You should get the cover that Toyota originally had on top the engine. It acts as a sound dampener, removing that noise. The clicking you hear is from the fuel injectors. The clicking if its coming from the right side is the vsv valve. It's for emissions and is loud.
    Yeah it sounds a bit loud. The 2az-fe is known for a noisy valve train but it does seem a little noisy. Try getting the engine cover on it like sciontc_mich said. You can also try cleaning the injectors and see if that helps.
    I would double check my oil level bud, when my oil gets about a half quart low it ticks pretty bad.
    Oil is right at the top line. I always make sure to keep a close eye on it, because I always tend to lose some.
    I put a can of sea foam in my gas today, so hopefully that will quite the injectors a little bit.
    And i'll look into getting a cover for it tomorrow.
    Thank you guys for the advice! Do you think it's worth pursuing any further? It's probably just the normal tC sound, right?
    It never hurts to keep an eye (or ear) on it. But it's not quite at the point of needing to be super worried. If you get knocking (the most common on these motors) then we'll for sure tell you what all that entails.

    But for now just monitor it and hopefully you can chalk it up to paranoia.

    PS I do the same thing with my car, thinking each new noise is the worst possible situation lol
    I say let the motor do what it will until it either gets really bad or throws a code. Lol the seafoam should do really good at cleaning it. I need to run my can thru as well now that you mention it.
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