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LED size for 2016 Scion tC

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    Hello I just recently join here and I’m new to all this, and I needed some help on trying to figure out what was the correct size for the Headlight LED, I’ve read in some places that people say it’s 9012 but you can also use 9006. I want to be really sure what size it is so I can make my purchase, I’d appreciate the help
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    2014-16 Scion tC Bulb Sizes:

    Low/ High beam headlights: 9012 (HID 9006)
    Fog lights: H11
    Brake lights: 194/168
    Front turn signals: 1156NA
    Rear turn signals: 7440
    Back up light(s): 194/168
    License plate: 194/168
    Front side markers: 194/168
    Map light (front): 194/168
    Dome light (rear): DE3022
    Trunk: DE3022

    MR LUV
    MRLUV.. Thanks for posting this! I'm going to make this a sticky for future reference!
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