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Preferred Front Brake Pads?

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    Does anyone have advice on a good brand on brake pads? 2010 Scion tC 5 speed. Any input is appreciated. It's time to change brake pads, first time for this car since i've had it and I want to get a decent pair without being crazy expensive but still decent. Thanks!
    If you just want a decent brake pad get a set of Wagner thermo quiets from Oreilly auto parts and some OEM rotors. If you want to get something better but not spend a ton look at EBC yellow, green, red stuff depending on your needs . Aftermarket rotors are awesome stop tech makes a good rotor but stick with OEM or slotted don't get cross drilled because they crack and ruin the rotor. I hope this helps.
    Thanks! I was looking at the Wagner ThermoQuiet ones online I just wasn't sure if they would be good enough. I'll take a look at the other things you mentioned too. thanks!
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