As a Moderatior here on cstc. I have given a lot of advice but I've been wanting to write this but haven't had the time 'til now. My tC1 is now 13 years old, I'm the original owner. I still have pictures of when it just came off the truck, no radio, plastic on the seats, etc..

My tC1 went into storage when my parents passed away a couple years ago. I inherited their older 96 civic, so I've been making that my project civic and driving that. I finally had the $$ to get all the parts together to get the tC1 back on the road. That's what this post is about.

Being 13 years old, the suspension was giving way, rusty, old, weak. Not bad for over a decade of use! I looked at coilovers but with Michigan roads, I didn't want something that couldn't take the rigors of these roads. Tein is good stuff, but I'll only dream of that for now. At least until Michigan actually fixes their roads!

Here's the list of upgrades that I've done, yes all myself, only went into the shop for a wheel alignment. All parts are toyota unless noted.

- new toyota oem springs/shocks, sway bar links (Front/rear), tie rod ends
- new brake rotors (bosch quiet cast), pads (carbon/kevlar from Porterfield)
- new brake flexible hoses, flushed the entire system
- cleaned/lubed calipers (replaced in 14)
- new drivebelt - went with gates brand
- new upper/lower radiator hoses and coolant
- oil/trans fluid changes
- new rear engine mount (finally began to go, original one)
- New wiper arms/blades. Arms were losing their tension.
- new battery (advance auto/johnson controls)
- new Nitto Motivo tires, got 'em for $99/tire at discount tire direct!
- TRD rear sway bar

- applied eastwood rust encapsulator on the surface rust I found on the underside of the body.

Now.. to the part I really wanted to share with everyone.. A new TRD rear sway bar! I have it on the softest setting, there are two. First is street (Soft) and "race" (tighter). Thought I'd start out with the softest to get used to it. Even on this setting the car is BOLTED down! It's a tighter feeling, steering is heavier but more accurate. Handling is very flat, no body roll at all. Before with the stock sway bar you could throw it into a corner and it would do ok.. Now throw it into that same sweeping corner, and it begs for you to turn harder! There's much more left in the suspension now! I'm actually grinning!

I wish I would've put the TRD rear sway on a LONG LONG time ago! But hey I didn't have the $$$. But for about $150 (comes with bushings, lube, mounting brackets) it's a great deal! When it gets warmer I will definitely be trying the "Race" or tighter setting. But for now the tC is very balanced, vault-like, yet responsive. Very nice, indeed!

If you're wondering, the tC was in storage for 3 years. Yes I had it up on stands. I probably wouldn't say to do that all the time but I was already planning on replacing the shocks/springs.

Here I am at 13 years old, and it definitely has another 13 years in it! Feels good to have the tC back!