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Gap on Driver's Side when Sunroof Closed

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    I have an '05 tC. When sunroof is completely closed, it leaves a small gap on the driver's side. When closed, the passenger's side is completely flush.

    I've noticed that when the sunroof is closed and I close a door (with all other doors shut), the gap will open a little to release the pressure of the air escaping. I also get a loud whistling noise from the gap at highway speeds (60 mph).

    I just tried resetting it by disconnecting the battery, but it didn't work.


    Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?
    Have you checked the weather stripping? Clear and lube the rail?
    Whewn I cme back from my tour fromIraq My wife had the car and when i came back the first thing i notice was the sunroof wistle and little gap. How I fix it?? unplug your battery for a few minutes and it will reset.I found this In this site bythe way and it work. no more wistling since 2009!!! how this help .
    If I may speak up on unplugging the battery to re-set CEL's/MIL's...etc. You realize the majority of the newer vehicles (OBDII) have very sensitive electronic's and unhooking/unplugging the battery risks ruining those parts. If you want to disconnect the vehicles battery use a Memory Saver. Hence why most people who unhook their batteries w/o using a memory saver usually have more issues afterwards and electronics don't work right and end up having to replace things.

    Any vehicle we install a battery on at Advance Auto we use a memory saver, and its not just for saving the customers radio stations, clock..etc. There's a reason for it. I'm sorry but unhooking the battery is an old school trick, may work on older vehicles.
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    I didnt have that info thanks CadenceScion for that piece of information.I know we can always count with our fellows tC enthusiasts whom always have that little more knowledge than some of us.
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    this might help from my tC repair manual:

    ∗ When the battery terminal or fuse is disconnected, the roof position has to be reset to its initial position by the sliding roof
    control SW in accordance with the following procedure:
    (1) Reconnect the battery terminal or fuse.
    (2) Turn ON the ignition switch.
    (3) Operate the sliding roof control SW to open the roof halfway or more.
    (4) Then operate the sliding roof control SW to fully close the roof.
    Do not release the switch for at least 2 seconds after the roof is fully closed.

    (a) Perform initialization (see page IN-23).
    Certain systems need to be initialized after
    disconnecting and reconnecting the cable from
    the negative (-) battery terminal.
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    if anything PM me so i can send you in a e-mail the chapter of sliding roof portion of the book on a PDF file

    The drive gear (motor) must be reset (pulse sensor's
    location must be set) when one of the following
    occurs: 1) the battery cable has been disconnected
    from the negative (-) battery terminal, 2) the drive
    gear connector is connected /disconnected, or 3) the
    sliding roof is replaced or installed / removed. If the
    drive gear is not reset, the AUTO function will not
    (a) The sliding roof AUTO operation and the jam
    protection function may not operate normally if the
    battery cable is disconnected / reconnected, the
    battery replaced or recharged. Initialize the sliding
    roof system using the method below.
    (1) Turn the ignition switch ON.
    (2) Press the CLOSE switch to activate the close
    operation. Fully close the roof and continue to
    press the CLOSE switch for approximately 2
    seconds. When the sliding roof control ECU
    initialization is finished, the roof will
    automatically open and stop a few millimeters
    from the fully open position.
    If the battery cable is disconnected, the sliding
    roof control ECU may not detect the position of
    the roof glass. If the sliding roof AUTO operation
    is still disabled even after the drive gear has
    been initialized, the Hall IC may be
    malfunctioning. The Hall IC is built into the drive
    gear and detects the roof glass position.
    If the result is not as specified, replace the drive
    gear assembly (sliding roof control ECU).
    • If the jam protection function is not operating, reset
    the drive gear.
    • If the AUTO operation function and jam protection
    function do not operate after the drive gear has been
    reset, replace the drive gear assembly (sliding roof
    control ECU).
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