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Ideas anyone - "Vibration"

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    On my way home from my parent's house tonight, I noticed a "mild vibration" I've never felt before. It starts in at around 45-50mph and holds a steady vibration until 65-70mph(highway cruising speed) The strange thing is that, when I let go of my steering wheel, It stays steady....the steering wheel does not wobble or vibrate. I can feel the vibration mainly thru the gas pedal and when my right leg is touching the side of the hvac housing. It also only seems to happen while acceleration, not during deceleration. Does anyone have any ideas, so that I can check for specifics tomorrow morning before my highway commute to work. I am assuming a bad motor mount......
    I searched vibration on the forums, and the most common trouble shooting people mentioned plenty of drive train related issues. From wheel bearings or balance to alignment and uneven tread wear from replacing a single tire, there was no definitive response back. I did notice that a large majority of the vehicles had suspension and engine mods. The most common element was aftermarket crank pulleys and CAI. Hopefully you can figure it out.
    I would say that could be from axels, or tire rod ends. Something that connects to the steering. Wheel.
    Maybe a cv boot is busted. Worth a shot
    Lowerstandards wrote:
    I would say that could be from axels, or tire rod ends. Something that connects to the steering. Wheel.
    Maybe a cv boot is busted. Worth a shot

    Not to be critical... but it's axles not axels and tie rod end not tire rod end.... but both of those things would shake the steering wheel and they said that was not the csse. I would lean towards mounts, clutch if manual, even a rear tire or bearing isue. Just ideas.
    I would start with wheel balance since it is speed related ie between 45 and 70. The steering wheel being true and not shaking may mean that the rear wheels are out of balance.
    Could also be warped brake rotors.
    Thanks to everyone that responded. I will be pulling my wheel off on my lunch break and checking all the above mentioned. I'll keep everyone posted when I finally figure out what's going on....
    Could this vibration be attributed to a loose lug nut? I pulled my right front tire off and inspected what I could and everything seemed a-ok and tight. The only thing I noticed was that one of the lugs was a lot looser than the rest. Also, my ride home seemed fine, no vibrations in the gas pedal past 50mph. But it was a short run sine traffic is so bad on LI. Gonna do a few more runs tonight once the traffic clears up.
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    If the wheel isn't snug and tight to the hub this can cause a vibration. So can too high/low tire pressure and lost wheel weights. A bent wheel can also cause the vibration. You'll know if its a warped rotor when you press the on the brakes.
    ONE loose lug won't do it, but a LOOSE WHEEL will.

    My guess is that they were all loose or the wheel is not properly seated against the hub.
    Nah. The one loose lug was loose enough for me to break free with a turn of the tire iron. I had to jump on the other 4 to break them loose. However, that wasn't the issue. Took the car out lastnight and I still get a vibration. I'm thinking its a mis shaped tire or an alignment issue now.
    Tell me exactly what it does and when.

    Also....alignment will NEVER cause a shake.

    Here are some things I need to know.
    1. is there any low speed wobble? Could be very soft.
    2. Exactly what speed is it that it starts/stops? Does it vary from time to time or is it always those same speeds?
    3. Is there any pull to one side? This may be all the time, or just when the shake starts
    4. Other than the gas pedal, where do you feel the shake? Put your hand on the dash, console, whatever. If the wheel isn't going side to side in your hand, it's likely to NOT be a front tire.
    5. Does this shake/vibe alter when hitting the brake? How about hitting the gas? What about coasting when it starts.... does it go away immediately or just when you get below that speed it started at?

    Sorry if you answered some of these, I am posting and can't see your above posts right now. I will re-read them, but even if you did, please give specifics. I will help you figure this out.

    I have over 12 years experience in dealing with chassis/tire/driveline vibes
    ImmortaltC wrote:
    Tell me exactly what it does and when.

    Also....alignment will NEVER cause a shake.

    Here are some things I need to know.
    1. If there is one, its too faint for me to notice.
    2. Mainly at higher cruising speed - 55mph 70mph - I haven't gone any faster for obvious safety reasons.
    3. No pull, but if I let the steering wheel go for long enough, it will eventually begin banking to the right.
    4. Mainly gas pedal and waterfall area. Slightly on the dash.
    5. It happens during acceleration from 55-70 mph and when at any sustained speed between 55-70mph

    I appreciated the help! I can't afford to throw parts at her right now and hope the symptoms go away. It's better that I am at least 90% sure of what it could be before I buy anything.
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    a had a couple loose lugs once and I had the same thing happen as your describing, only a vibration during acceleration.weird that it was only one lug, could be a wheel bearing?
    Update: turns out my passenger cv axle was shot. Finally put in a reman'd cv and after 2 weeks, things seem normal again.
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