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Bad starter?

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    Need help with this one. My 09 TC recently got stuck in a puddle and died on me. After having it towed she still didnt start up for me. I brought the starter to an auto store where it was tested and proved still working. Then I had the battery tested which was also still good. I also checked relays and fuses. The starter is making the cranking noise when I try to start the car but it seems like the gear is only spinning not extending. I'm not sure how to post a video on here but I have one if it helps.
    Starter test says it's good. I am stumped.
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    sounds like the puddle short circuited the starter.. have you tried a new starter? Check out the solenoid built into the starter, it might have issues as well.

    EDIT: those auto parts store tests are only as good as the test. What I mean is it might test ok on the bench, but in the car it cannot handle the actual load to move the flywheel and start the car. Denso makes our starter, so try another one..
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