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Battery connection issue?

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    Hey everyone,
    I have a 2006 Scion tc and I've recently had some problems with the positive battery cable. So I replaced it, and it ran fine for about 4 months. Recently it died on me and I realized that the negative cable wasn't getting a good connection, so I tightened it and it ran fine again for another day.
    Now my car won't start up. It seems that i'm getting a good connection from the negative cable because I still have power to everything else(lights, clock, etc.). When I try to jump it off, it will start up fine but once I get over 10mph the RPM drops tremendously and the car begins to die. All of my power starts flickering before this happens, the clock turns on and off, my lights lose power and my windows won't roll down.
    Does anyone know what could be causing this? Should I try completely replacing the negative cable, or could this be caused my something else(dirty airflow sensor, bad alternator, etc.)?
    Thank you for the help everyone!
    Id get your battery and alternator tested. your having to jump it off and even then it doesn't make it very far. The battery is either dead and won't charge or the alternator isn't putting out enough volts to charge it.
    Sounds like the issue I was having with the alternator. The lights and radio started to die and come back until nothing was left in the battery. Swapped out the alternator and I'm back to normal.

    Also have you checked the other end of the ground? I had another similar issue with an old truck of mine and it was doing something similar. Ended up that the ground point wasn't cleaned up enough and ended up moving the ground to the engine block.
    Thanks for all the insight, I have to replace the battery anyways, so if that's the issue at least i'll know. I recently replaced this alternator within the last two years, but I guess all this work i've been doing on the battery could have made it short out or something. I'll test that out, thanks again!
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