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Transmission Fluid Change on a 2015 Scion TC?

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    What's up guys I'm around 75k and want to change out the fluid on a automatic 2015 Scion TC. I don't' know much about cars but I can change the oil on my TC and keep up with the maintenance. I Never had to changed out the Transmission fluid but I don't want to pay 200 bucks to do it. I know I need to use Toyota ATF WS fluid but how am I supposed to change the fluid? Do I need to change out the filter too? I looked it up on youtube but I didn't understand it. There is a drain plug above the tire? Can you guys help me out? Thanks for reading.
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    I have a automatic 2015 Scion tC RS9. I think Scion / Toyota considers that a "Lifetime Fluid". I have both the Original Owners Manual and the Warranty / Maintenance Guide.
    It shows the Recommended Service all the way up to 120,000 miles or 144 months.

    There is No Recommended Auto Transmission Service Interval for that time span for Normal Service. Now, I only have 25k on my RS9 so I don't anticipate any problems with my transmission anytime soon.

    This Subject was Previously discussed here:

    Scion tC 2011-2016 Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    I think it's worth changing the fluid
    denndeko wrote:
    I think it's worth changing the fluid

    well that's awesome.. Why do you think it's worth changing the trans fluid?? hmm? Can't leave a comment without expanding on that topic.. go ahead and let us know..
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