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Car doesnt start

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    Hello people.. i have a issue with my 05 scion tc. I was driving it when a lady hit me head on, damage on the outside is not much, just bumper and reinf. But the weird thing is that we drove it a little bit after that and suddenly the car just died and didnt want to start at all. It only make one click when you try to start the car. They keep telling me that the engine in no good anymore, but ive check fluids and they are normal (consistence,color smell),it did not overheat,so thats why i am asking for help beacause is so wierd what happened.. thank you!
    The easiest solution sounds like having the engine replaced (if you're being told by the dealership that the engine is bad) and have the lady's insurance cover it since it was her fault. I personally wouldn't waste any time or money on trying to figure it out.
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    Had a Chevy Tracker. Rear ended a car going 40mph. No external damage. Just a scratch on the bumper but internal damage was extensive. Damaged transmission, broken motor mounts, and busted radiator.

    A mechanic told my sister that he car needed a new engine was was going to cause her a few grand to replace. I told her to take it someplace else to get a 2nd opinion. Ended just needing to have the coil replaced. Couple hundred bucks.

    If you dont know much about cars, like me, then take it someplace reputable. I am good at a lot of other stuff, but dont like messing with cars to much. Some mechanics are just looking to rip you off. And besides, if it was the other persons fault...then you shouldnt be out of pocket anything.
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