Hello everyone, I want to say thank you ahead of time for looking at this. And sorry for crap formatting, I'm on mobile. I'ven struggling with seizing calipers on my 2007 Scion Tc 135k miles for the last 3 years.

I had a caliper seize about 3 years ago, I figured, no big deal, car hit 100k, expect things to breakdown a bit. I did that work with my uncle who has been flipping Toyotas on the used market for 20 years.
A year goes by, and I have the same caliper seize (front driver side), I moved off to college, so I had to take it into the shop. The shop called me to say that they couldn't get the master cylinder to let go and that it should be replaced. I've never had a master brake cyclinder fail, my uncle hasn't ever seen a Toyota master cylinder fail. I think, alright, I guess that could be causing my constant caliper seizing if it's not letting go of pressure. The car drives fine for 6 months and and that same brake caliper fails again. At this point I'm pissed off, take it to the dealer and they tell me that my front driver size caliper is seized, and my rear brakes run hot. They replace the front caliper and flush the system. Don't ask how much that cost me.
So a year goes by and the same f***ing thing happens,I had time off so I towed it back to my uncle's shop. The master cylinder isn't letting go of pressure again. We replace that, replace a hose, and line to that caliper, everything goes back to normal until last week when that caliper starts catching again. I ride a motorcycle in the summer and haven't had time to look at it yet. I'm writting this in an airport during a layover and was planning to tear everything appart this week.

I relaize that this is madness, but I really like my car and really rather not worry about a car payment, but this is getting ridiculous.

You guys can call me dumb and that I wasted tons of money, and I have no way of defending that.

I'm just looking for advice in what I should replace or if I should just trade the god foreaken thing in for an FRS.

Again I appreciate any advice and thank you for reading through this, sorry for crap formatting I'm on mobile.