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Age is starting to show.

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    My tC is at 113k and it is aging faster than me. The paint is chipping, the rattles are pretty much everywhere, there are so many scratches from my 90 miles of commuting, the gas mileage is almost like my dad's V8 Expedition, the brakes won't ever stop squealing, I end up getting an oil change like every three months, and the headlights keep hazing after a month. Im really about ready to give up on the exterior of the car, and the interior. I like to wash, wax, and clean my car inside and out. However, after a month of driving the car, it just ends up looking like it has been abused. LOL! Being a poor college student doesn't help either. Other than these small kinks in the car, the mechanics of the car itself is excellent. It's probably one of the most trouble free cars I ever had. My '89 Corolla SR5 had so many issues. Being poor sucks. I can't wait to become an important person in society, so I can restore tC back to factory looking specs. Does anybody else have these issues? End rant.
    mines almost 9 years old and is in pretty good shape overall.
    I just kept up on keeping it cleaned about once a week. My 07 had 128k on it when I traded it in. It wasn't in perfect condition and looked pretty clean. For paint chips and road rash, I would suggest Dr. Colorchip. You won't regret it.
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