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ripped off by CSTC member

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    So... spent 30 bucks to ship this trustworthy guy some headlights... well after almost a week after he told me he got them, i still havent gotten my money or even a reply.. his name is Basstron1000 he will get his, nothing worse than a thief to me. NOTHING
    Sorry to hear about that man, that's just low. I'm sure you know this but next time, get payment before shipping items. Paypal is great for that.
    Yeah.. i was just way too trusting.. i cant beliebe this guy took advantage of me like that. I seriously feel like i was robbed... i dont want to live in this world anymore. Lol
    Well that's his facebook profile.

    Yeah man low life's make me sick
    Haha, i doubt confronting someone hundreds of miles away will make him pay. But thanks man lol
    Wow what a low life POS. Sorry to hear that bro :/
    There's nothing worse than a thief. A true car enthusiast would never steal a part from another enthusiast. I almost wanna comment on his fb profile for you
    Thats up to you man.. and yeah, real crappy. But also, messaging him wont make him pay.. karma will tho, someday.
    And i wasnt really upset he didnt pay... its he had me pay shipping $30 and took the headlights.. so im out 30 and those. So i payed him to steal my stuff.
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    that really sucks. Always get money up front or next time invoice him through paypal just to cover both ends. even though as much as you would like to say he was a good guy you should have never sent him stuff without payment. Only way i would ever do anything like that is if i have had a bunch of transactions done with the other person. But if its a first time deal never send anything without some sort of payment. That has happened to me once and will never do it again. People online can put up the nice guy front. but in reality is a complete dbag. You never know who your dealing with on the other side of the screen. But like you said karma will catch up to him in the end.
    So sorry to hear that Mamba. I hate that happening as it ruins the reputation of the forum sales.
    Its ok guys... i will still sell on here if i have something someone wants but ill take better precautions.. live and learn haha
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