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Just my luck...

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    Ok so my boss sends me to go buy a new wireless router at best buy so I pull into best buy and park backwards as usual (personal preference) go inside find the router buy it and as I am walking to my car I see that my less than a week old upper vrd grill is missing. So I'm thinking wtf that was like $75 for both. Although as I come closer I notice its WAY WAY worse than that. My vrd grill is still there just popped in and fell but my front bumper is not only scratched but cracked as well... My guess is that some inexperienced driver was pulling out and hit my car. Im especially annoyed at the fact that the store had no cameras that could see what happened because I parked on the opposite side of the plaza because the parking was pretty packed... Anyways is this repairable or do I need a new bumper? How much do you estimate it costing to repair and paint? Thanks in advance. [IMG]http://i1264.photobucket....wer/image_zpsddc48c78.jpg[/IMG]
    Try buffing out what you can and see what it looks like. If you can live with it then let it be it. The only other option is to have a body shop repair and pain it.
    got money? its repairable, just sand it all and repaint it or get a new bumper on ebay, theyre not too expensive.. sucks tho man, poor grille
    ^Doubt you could just sand and paint it. Look at that crack. Just look for used bumpers from junkyard or auto dismantlers or buy it new and have the shop color match and clear it. Shouldn't cost more than $500 for a new bumper and paint.
    I've got a g saved up separately just for anything having to do with my car so I do have the money but dang that money I could be using to paint my RS1 lips that just came in
    ^Paint it at the same time to reduce cost. When my aunt messed up the front bumper on her Corolla, I just bought a new one online, and when to a local/small paint shop. Total cost for bumper and paint was about $350 ($160 for paint in my case).
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