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Only had the car a month and already wrecked :/

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    Well, i enjoy hunting deer but not with my tC. Running just under 60 I was exiting a curve and a nice sized doe decided that the grass was greener on the other side. Well she never found i braked, smacked her, and then the rear end broke loose. Lost control and did a 360 through the ditch and into an abandoned homes yard. Missed one tree then stopped 2 feet from the second. God was looking out for me. Definitely see a wheel and tire upgrade when i get it back from the shop.
    That sucks, indeed. Hope you had insurance.

    One of my top fears is while riding my motorcycle a gigantic mutant deer (since we don't have moose in Texas) will be in the road when I round a corner... The #1 fear is another driver is going to pull out infront of me.
    Yeah you're lucky it could've been worse. Insurance companies take forever for this stuff. I recently got in an accident in my tC, should've died, got a TSX and I still to this day miss my tC a lot. Enjoy it when you get it back.
    We have deer out here the size of small horses. Lol and hunting season is so short that it's really hard to thin down the herd. I'm sorry to hear about your tC my friend. Glad your safe. Cars can be replaced, lives can't. Hoping to finally get my car back this coming Thursday.
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