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Car got stolen. . . :'(

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    • Edited 6 times, last by shocksss on .
    like what the title said..When i woke up this morning, i found out that my car was being stolen.
    All they left from the car are pieces of shattered window glass on the street. At first, i dont believe its really happening but everytime i look where it was last time i parked it, it makes me mad,anxious and mostly sad. Local police got my report already and told that they will contact me as soon they found it somewhere or got towed. Im so sad that after i spend so many times & $ to modified my car, then this what just happened. Sigh!
    Its just really sad and "shocking" lol.
    I miss my car though...='(
    Dang dude that sucks! Sorry to hear. How did they do that, I thought our car had an engine immobilizer so you had to have the key in the car to start it? Hopefully they are just joyriding it.. My dad's honda civic got stolen awhile ago and they found it 2 days later in San Jose. He only had some change in there (less than like 50 cents lol) and they took it. You could tell they searched everything. So if you do get your car back, everything will be gone out of it. But considering they broke the window and you had some nice parts in it, just hope the cops find it before it gets stripped of everything valuable in a chop shop..
    I know man, even me i really cant believed that they can easily stole my car just like that knowing its a 08 model. As far as i remember, i just left my gym bag on my passenger seat, no money or anything really valuable dangling there that a thief got interested to broke the passenger window and its tinted so i just dont know whats their motive..I think they really got interested on all the aftermarket stuff from that car. I hope your right but Im expecting for the worst thing can happen if ever i see my car again.
    Its just really overwhelming...
    I'm sorry to see that man, I never hear about tCs getting stolen but now I'm starting to be worried about mine
    • Edited 2 times, last by shocksss on .
    It seems that whoever did this,they planned's just really s#%ks feeling. Car still owe 4k before it gets paid off. Im not sure how ill go from there with my insurance. Any advice what should i do. I feel like, its not gonna be the same if ever i get my car back..
    • Edited 1 times, last by mischman on .
    That sucks! Hopefully you get the car back with no serious damage.

    Do you still have orange powder coated rims? It should be able to find...
    I know the feeling. I had my 94 Integra stolen about 3 years ago and replaced it with my tC. They never found it. I'm guessing it went to a chop shop bc it had a lot of aftermarket parts. I thought it wouldn't happen to my tc since it's newer but i guess not. There was no evidence of my integra being broken into but integras are one of the easiest and most stolen cars in the U.S.

    Thank god i had full coverage.
    • Edited 2 times, last by shocksss on .
    Yes the orange wheel is on when it was stolen this morning. I know most of my parts will be posted for sale somewhere like maybe craigslist so im going to look for it. One of the neighbor said there's 2 guys(driving an old seems like faded grey color 4 door hatch civic) when she sneek out from her window after she heard a loud noise from outside... Hope they suffer badly for doing this kind of stuff becoz its just not right at all..
    Car got full coverage as well and i paid it full this year. So im not sure if im going to keep and rebuild it once they find it or just move on to a different route, probably a sedan or hatchback, really dont know yet. But the car has sentimental value from me, its just really sad feeling...dark clouds on my
    At least you have full coverage! I only have liability because my insurance is so high so I would be severely freaking out if my car got stolen, because not only would I lose my car, but I would lose the 10k I have put into it. My parents let me park my car in the garage though lol. I hope you find it and its all there though
    Update: Local police called me earlier to report that one of my license plate found in hayward cali.( known where stolen cars/bike found if they were stolen). So far thats all i got and a rental car from my insurance comp.. Hope they find it very soon..
    Just your license plate or did they describe the car too? And what suspension were you on? Springs or coils?
    unfortunately they just found the license place itself ditched on the road. tC have BC coils when they stole it. Only left from me is the adjustable wrench and rays lug key. I know it wont matter if they don't have it, this guys still able to take out everything from the car. I wonder if my insurance will pay for all the aftermarket I put in my car since it's full coverage, not really sure. I still have to ask them about it.
    • Edited 1 times, last by Joshstc on .
    Aww dang that's a bad sign. I was asking because there is a set of OEM shocks and tein springs for sale on CL in San Leandro for 50$ and they said they need to get rid of it fast so it sounded suspicious lol. But yeah your insurance should cover everything that was on the car. You will probably need to have the receipts since the insurance can't get someone to look at the car and see all the aftermarket parts and appraise the car. With my last tC I had the TRD wheels, the OEM lip kit and a few other small things and the price they were gonna pay me went up from 13,800 to 16,500
    • Edited 1 times, last by shocksss on .
    I've been looking to craigslist as well from time to time. So far no one posting my stuffs yet. Unfortunately i dont have receipts for most of my aftermarket parts in my car since i did bought of them used as well. Im really hoping that they will pay for it even if i only have pics, but we'll see how it go once they find the car.
    Oh no. I'm sorry. I've left my keys on my driver seat before but we live in a neighborhood where it's a lot of older people. And we would be able to hear if a car came into our driveway. Plus, we have 2 great danes. I'm sad to say its probably being parted out. Thats why I want to get a viper alarm on my car. That way I know if someone is looking into my car or even near it. I'm always on edge at work since I work in a grocery store.

    I hope they find it
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